Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin is well educated in portfolio analysis & financial modeling. Throughout Mr. Martin’s career, he has held multiple positions for companies in the financial services sector. Anthony works for Parkway Advisors’ investment team, where he utilizes his prior education and experience to better analyze investment decisions. Anthony enjoys observing the market and looking for the best investment strategies for each individual client’s portfolio. He enjoys reading various works of literature that expand his understanding and enhance his analytical skills.

Mr. Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hardin Simmons University with a dual major in finance and economics. Before coming to work for Parkway, he worked for a mid-cap bank and brings extensive knowledge of credit analysis and an understanding of key financial metrics for various industries. He performs economic analysis and credit research for our investment team. His work aids the decision-making process for investments, and allows for better management of risk for each investment. Additionally, he provides in-depth credit monitoring for our bond portfolios. Anthony hopes to unveil any hidden risks from issuers and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to a downgrade in bond ratings and preventable losses.