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Parkway Competes in FIS Impact Awards

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Parkway Competes in FIS Impact Awards

Parkway is pleased to compete in the Impact Awards of FIS and showcase elements of how we are on the cutting edge of technology.  FIS will be recognizing firms who are leveraging FIS technology and services to better serve their customers, drive tangible business benefits, and empower the financial world. The key criteria are: innovation, return on investment and client service.

Parkway utilizes FIS’ iWorks Investment Management system (formerly SunGard’s iWorks Investment Management) to prepare statutory reporting data for our insurance clients. In pursuing ways to increase efficiency and allow us more time to aid and better assist our clients, we developed a proprietary tool that extracts necessary data from a major financial software provider platform for initial data set up, new security acquisitions and transactional data as well as prepares an import-ready file for the iWorks Investment Management system. Parkway developed this tool entirely with in-house staff, merging the knowledge and sophistication of our investment management team as well as the statutory reporting team. To our knowledge, seamlessly linking daily trade activity to a tool that essentially incorporates all necessary information in the iWorks Investment Management system is an unprecedented feat that no other investment advisor has accomplished. From our insurance clients’ perspective, increased efficiency has afforded our staff more time to aid clients when they need assistance as well as find ways to better assist our clients in meeting their needs. Also, this process has allowed our team to reduce turnaround time in preparing statutory schedules for our clients on a monthly basis, providing us the opportunity to delight our clients by exceeding deadlines and expectations.

FIS provides financial software and global business solutions. iWORKS is a business-driven IT product family for the insurance industry. iWORKS offers a range of products and services including front-office tools, policy administration, reinsurance, actuarial calculations, financial and investment accounting and reporting.

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