Combining Parkway’s considerable experience in insurance investments along with our distinctive approach to investment management, the result is investment services that are truly tailored from the bottom-up and top-down.

Asset Management

In order to serve insurance companies, the team at Parkway is trained in understanding statutory accounting, reporting and regulation. This allows us to understand how any investment transaction will impact surplus, net investment income, IMR/AVR, Risk Based Capital and the client’s financial statements.

In addition to working to optimize net investment income, Parkway works diligently to reduce portfolio risk. Fundamental to our approach is a dedicated investment plan that focuses on assets that are appropriate for the insurance products sold to policy holders. In addition, diversification is emphasized in relation to surplus and any applicable reserves (AVR). This works to provide stability of surplus even in uncertain times and equips our managers with the tools necessary to focus on enhancing net investment income, surplus, and RBC.


Net Investment Income

Portfolio Yield And Rbc

Surplus Volatility


Investment Strategy

Screening Services

BCAR Score

Investment Management Services

Customized to the Client's Needs

Enhancements to Surplus

Optimization of Net Investment Income

Improvement of portfolio yield and RBC

Reduction of future surplus volatility

Diversification as it relates to surplus

Product-specific investment strategy

Customized value based screening services

Focus on improving AM Bests’ BCAR score

Insurance Investment Consulting

Our mission is, “to be the best, most respected provider of service to the insurance industry.” To help us serve our clients, Parkway has a vast line of consulting services that can be customized to the specific needs of each client.

Parkway maintains top statutory accounting software, actuarial software, social and moral screening tools, credit research tools and other services and programs through the NAIC, state regulators and other insurance specific providers in order to provide these services. All of these services are included in our general asset management agreement and can be offered independently on a single occurrence or a retaining basis to fit specific needs.

Board Education Programs

Asset cash flow projections for actuaries

Assist with enterprise risk management policies

AM best rating enhancement services

Peer review and Analysis

Comprehensive portfolio review

Assistance with regulatory compliance

Strategic planning assistance

Statutory Reporting

Parkway utilizes FIS software for insurance statutory reporting. In addition we interface with most US custodians, utilize Bloomberg systems and Tillinghaust Actuarial Software in order to provide a full reporting platform for our clients.

Our expertise with these systems is extensive and includes being a beta test site for new statutory accounting software. We have also served on various national committees for insurance software development. The entire team at Parkway is trained in statutory accounting, statutory asset reserves, and insurance accounting software. This allows for an understanding of how any investment decision will impact net income, surplus and insurance risk.

Monthly preparation of Annual Schedule D

Quarterly and annual interface ready files

Investment risk interrogatories

Annual statement footnotes

Investment sections of the AM Best SRQ reports

Custom investment reports for regulators

Monthly pricing and NAIC rating services

Tailored G/L entries of investment data