Guiding insurance companies through the complexities of insurance investing and regulation is at the heart of our business.

When partnering with Parkway Advisors you benefit from our team of insurance professionals with experience in insurance investment management, statutory reporting and insurance regulation.


Our extensive financial knowledge will help you navigate the investment world.

Parkway Advisors, LP takes a uniquely consultative approach to investment consulting, reporting, and asset management.

In the investment industry, Parkway is the only investment advisor that truly customizes our services to the needs of our clients by offering stand-alone consulting and reporting services. We firmly believe that the best and most successful business relationships begin with open communication. Through Parkway’s emphasis on personal service, custom solutions, and strong communication, our clients have enjoyed historically strong performance success, even during the financial crisis and the low interest environment that has followed.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23

Think of us as an extension of your team.

Parkway understands that the only way to serve an insurance company is to understand the products that are sold to members, the historical financial statements, the nature of the reserves, current IMR/AVR and RBC characteristics and the risk tolerance and objectives of management. This requires a proactive relationship with management, the board of directors, the actuary and other service providers. In addition, Parkway fundamentally believes that all partners serving an insurance company need to work together. This is why we actively nurture relationships with insurance actuaries, auditors and other providers. Working together with a single direction is key to success and our desire is to be an extension of the team.





Why Choose Parkway Advisors?

Consists of former insurance professionals

Tailors services to your specific needs

Offers an experienced statutory reporting department

Understands Statutory and GAAP based accounting

Has a clear focus on investing for the insurance industry

Easily accessible and available in person for investment-related meetings

To be known as the best, most-respected investment advisor to the insurance industry.

Because insurance investment is such a specialized service, it is important to work with an asset manager and investment advisor who can be a knowledgeable, trusted business advisor to your company. As an insurance focused investment advisory firm, Parkway Advisors seeks not to be the biggest or most profitable company, we strive to be the best, most-respected in the insurance industry.

We realize that “to be the best, most-respected provider of investment services to the insurance industry” is somewhat an audacious goal. However, we have put five strategic objectives into place which help guide us on our way.



Growth is the hallmark of any healthy company. We seek to grow Parkway first and foremost through the clients we are privileged to serve and by seeking out and inviting new clients to work with us whose values are closely aligned with our own.

We grow corporately and professionally by continually remaining informed on developments with insurance and investment regulations that affect our clients. We grow personally through enhancing our relationships with one another, with our clients and by seeking to maintain balance in all areas of life. Growing the company means many different things to different people, but to us, it means always moving forward and continually improving, both personally and professionally.



A very important goal of ours is to be known as a great place to work. We know that if our people are taken care of, our clients will be taken care of too. Happy, healthy employees are more productive and efficient, and provide better customer service; that is why we place a high priority on creating a positive working environment for employees. Through excellent benefits, work/life balance programs, motivational book studies, performance plus awards and numerous other life enrichment initiatives, we are helping our employees succeed in an encouraging, mutually supportive work environment.



We at Parkway believe it is important to not only perform our duties with excellence, but to also develop a corporate conscience and soul, an attitude of service and generosity to others. As employees, we volunteer at and give to local and national non-profit organizations whose mission is to help others.

Corporately and personally our employees regularly volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Boy Scouts of America and various other organizations, including: Camp Courage, a local camp for grieving children; the Joseph Thomas Foundation, a provider of specialty medical equipment for children with special needs; and the Cancer Services Network, a local non-profit supporting under-served cancer patients with related medical expenses.

Learn more about these great local organizations.



Our goal is not to become the biggest or even the most profitable investment advisor to insurance companies. Our goal is to become the best, most respected firm and the leading provider of services to insurers. We know that if we strive for excellence in all we do, the profitability of the company will take care of itself. Our clients enjoy our undivided attention, frequent consultations, investment decisions specific to insurers, assistance with investment plans, adept statutory reporting services and much, much more. Our focus is on the individual insurance company’s unique needs, which are addressed through a customized, relationship-based approach.



Achieving good financial results can mean different things in different years. One year, we may achieve record returns, but if it could have been better, it would not be considered good financial results. Another year, we may barely break even, but because of circumstances beyond our control, this could be considered to be good financial results. We believe that as long as we maintain and focus on our five strategic objectives, the last goal of good financial results will inevitably take care of itself.

Camp Courage

Cancer Services Network

Joseph Thomas Foundation

The National MS Society

Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a week-long camp for children who have suffered similar losses of a loved one through death, divorce, separation, incarceration or deployment.

Children participate in recreational activities that promote self-esteem, encourage self-healing, and provide an outlet for unexpressed emotions. In addition, with the help of specially trained counselors, campers develop healthy coping skills as a result of the variety of grief exercises offered, which ultimately help build self confidence, trust, and an understanding of the grief process. Children, ages five through 18, who are grieving are encouraged to participate.

Click here to learn more.

Cancer Services Network

Cancer Services Network (CSN) provides post-diagnosis assistance to cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families, and caregivers through emotional, social, and direct financial support.

CSN is a local not-for-profit agency serving 19 counties of West Central Texas. Financial assistance is provided for low-income, uninsured and underinsured cancer patients. Cancer patients must be in active treatment; the amount of coverage is based on a sliding scale. For clients meeting the eligibility requirements, CSN can provide cancer prescription medications, medical equipment and supplies, transportation to and from cancer treatment, nutritional supplements, and health insurance premium continuation.

Click here to learn more.

Joseph Thomas Foundation

The foundation was started to help families who need medical equipment, supplies and other medical needs.

Joseph was a special boy. He needed constant medical care, like most kids with special needs. We know firsthand the pressures this puts on the family, spiritually, emotionally and financially. We feel we can use our knowledge as an outreach and help other families in need.

Click here to learn more.

The National MS Society

The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now-to move together toward a world free of multiple sclerosis.

MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn't. We help each person address the challenges of living with MS through our 50-state network of chapters. The Society helps people affected by MS by funding cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward.

Click here to learn more.

Theron R.Holladay, Sr., CFA


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Chad B.Hoes


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kyle timmerman

Kyle Timmermann


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Jamin Phillips


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Senior Investment Accountant

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Theron R. Holladay, Sr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

God has blessed me with an amazing wife of 25 years and two beautiful children. I am also very close to my extended family and cherish family activities. My entire family loves to travel and my most recent passion involves studying my family history and ancestry. Therefore, I have combined these two passions into a new hobby I refer to as ancestry excursions. Traveling to locations where my ancestors lived has allowed me to step into their shoes and better understand things. In the summer of 2017, I traveled with my son to locate the grave of Daniel William Holladay who was a patriot in the Revolutionary War. While there we were able to locate graves, homes and places of other decedents of Daniel and walk on the land he previously farmed. In the summer of 2017, we traveled to England and discovered the location of the burial of Sir Leonard Holliday who was the lord mayor of London during 1605. The grave has been covered with a street; however, the picture above is my family having tea near this location. We then discovered etchings of his Grandfather Edward in a Church in Minchinhampton. This etching allowed us to see an actual representation of a direct ancestry from 1515. While in Minchinhampton we met others in the town aware of our history and some of our modern distant relatives. In London we viewed the grave of another direct ancestor, William Marshal (1147 – 1215). He has been called “hero of Magna Carter” and “the greatest knight to ever live”. Going forward I am hopeful for more ancestry excursions with my family.

Lisa L. Davidson

Principal and Chief Operating Officer

I grew up around here, and it was really great to get to take my daughter sightseeing around New York. Our favorite place to visit was Ellis Island, where so many people in America can trace back their roots and family history. After visiting Ellis Island we arrived at my niece's wedding, where my daughter met family members she'd never even seen before. It was a wonderful homecoming trip in so many ways. We came away with the sense that family and roots are important. They teach us who we are and where we come from, but more so, they teach us of the kind of courage and greatness we are capable of.

Chad B. Hoes

Chief Investment Officer

I love spending time with my family. We are an active family that loves games, being outside, watching movies, and playing golf. I enjoy intentional, family time as often as I can get it with my growing sons and incredible wife.

Kyle Timmermann

Director of Insurance Consulting

My wife, Shelby and I got married in 2015 and welcomed our first child, Allie, in 2016. These last 3 years have brought so much growth and joy and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. Our family loves to travel, spend time outdoors and visit family. I’m so thankful to work for a company that understands the importance of quality time with loved ones and allows me to love what I do while serving my family. It’s a blessing to be a part of such a honorable company.

Jennifer Richardson

CFO & Chief Compliance Officer

I took this picture from the Mount of Olives looking down over the city of Jerusalem. My trip to Israel was one of the best experiences of my life. I went to Bethlehem and saw the Church of the Nativity, which is the oldest standing church in the Holy Land, and the place where Jesus was born. I sailed on the Sea of Galilee in a wooden boat, waded in the Dead Sea and watched over seventy people be baptized in the River Jordan. I visited the city of Nazareth and saw the ruins of the house where Peter lived in Capernaum. I saw the Garden of Gethsemane, the Western Wall and the Garden Tomb. I climbed the steps on the south side of the Temple Mount where Jesus preached and walked the Via Dolorosa along the Stations of the Cross. It was an amazing experience and I never dreamed I would be able to see so many places described in the Bible. The trip strengthened my faith and is something that I will never forget.

Christy Bechtel

Director of Communications

I have an amazing husband who has a bad case of OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder). He has a love for Christmas and all that goes with it so deeply that some of his coworkers even call him Santa. I, on the other hand, have not always embraced the season so lovingly but I’m starting to come around. We love doing anything that involves lights and decorations like going to Arlington’s Enchant Christmas in this picture. In the last few years we have decided to forgo gift giving to each other and adopt angel tree kids instead. It has been a fun and humbling process getting to do that for children and families that otherwise might not have a Christmas. After that, we spend a little time travelling with our kids and spending some much needed time together as a family which is always a nice way to round out the year.

Jamin Phillips

Investment Accountant

I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife Laura and I have been married since 2012. My hobbies include watching sports and collecting sports memorabilia, I have t-shirts from around 90 universities and colleges. If I am not watching a sporting event, I am usually hanging out with family and friends or volunteering in the community.

Trevor Rupe

Portfolio Manager

When I am not at work and focused on investing and structuring portfolios to meet your specific needs, you will most likely find me outside. My wife and I both enjoy being active and travelling. Some of the activities I look forward to outside the office include mountain/road biking, kayaking, Crossfit and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy being involved in the community by serving on local non-profit boards and supporting their causes. I am blessed to work at a company who truly values their employees and chooses respect, integrity, and relationships with our clients over profits.

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