Parkway does not provide “cookie-cutter” solutions that a client must fit within but provides tailored solutions. We believe every insurer is unique with different liabilities, products, assets, financials and clients. Every insurance company has different investment needs and should have a portfolio that matches these needs. We tailor our services to fit the unique needs of each client.

Executive Corner

Theron R. Holladay, Sr., CFA - President and Chief Executive Officer

I would like to thank you for visiting our web site and taking time to learn about Parkway. This website was designed to introduce you to our team of insurance investment professionals and the business philosophy of Parkway. My desire is to create an atmosphere that embraces biblical principles while serving the insurance industry. Our mission statement, “to be the best most respected provider of service to the insurance industry” is something we stress in our daily interaction with clients. The only true way to serve an insurance company is to work first to understand the unique characteristics of the organization. This includes the products sold by the insurer, the unique history, the statutory financials, reserves, assets, team members and the regulatory environment. A detailed understanding of these client specific characteristics is paramount before an advisor can proceed to build surplus and reduce risk into the future. In addition, an advisor must be willing to work diligently to serve all parties that work for the insurance client. Parkway works to communicate with and understand the direction of client actuaries, auditors, accountants, management and other service providers.

With a focus to provide the best service to insurance clients, our performance is centered upon enhancements to book yield, surplus, RBC and net investment income. However, this is only one side of the equation. Our team spends as much time focused on risk reduction. For insurance companies the two main methods for reducing risk are:

1. Diversification as it pertains to the adjusted capital level of the company and any applicable reserves (IMR/AVR).

2. Structuring the investments considering the specific products sold by the insurer and the future cash needs of these products.

Industry Connections

In order to serve our clients, Parkway works closely with the board, executive team, employees and any and all service providers working with the insurance client. Parkway also promotes and works closely with organizations that are focused on serving insurance clients. Listed below are a few of the industry connections in which Parkway is involved.


Considering the intricacy of the industry, Parkway has developed insurance-specific investment research. We delve into the complexities of investing and impacts to the statutory financials of insurers. Please contact us at [email protected] if there is something you would like to learn more about.