Kyle Timmermann

Mr. Timmermann is well versed in investing for insurance companies as well as the effects that transactions have on statutory financials. Mr. Timmermann is the head of Parkway’s insurance consulting division and specializes in helping clients maximize book yield, achieve optimal ALM immunization, achieve proper diversification, and portfolio strategies. He is proficient in assessing risk within a portfolio and properly addressing these risks. Additionally, Kyle is proficient in ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) planning, RBC (Risk- Based Capital) requirements, and mitigating portfolio risks. Moreover, he aids clients in cash flow testing by assisting on the sensitivity analysis of insurer’s assets. Finally, he is knowledgeable in credit analysis for various securities and how these fit into an insurer’s portfolio.

Mr. Timmermann has an undergraduate degree in finance and economics from Hardin-Simmons University. In addition to this, he holds a master’s degree in finance and economics from West Texas A&M University. Mr. Timmermann is also a Registered Investment Advisory Representative.