Lisa L. Davidson

Mrs. Davidson is a Principal of Parkway and has been with the company for the last 15 years. She has served in her current capacity as Chief Operating Officer for the last 5 years. She joined Parkway with previous insurance experience that included the preparation of statutory investment schedules, annual statement development and investment department functions. Her past accounting experience with both Life and P&C companies has greatly enriched the value Parkway adds to its clients. Mrs. Davidson has a detailed knowledge of special insurance reporting that includes Schedule D, Schedule E, IMR/AVR, Summary Investment Schedule, Risk Based Capital, A.M. Best Reports and others. She is trained on top insurance accounting software and often develops training tools for employees and insurance clients.

Mrs. Davidson’s unique in-depth knowledge of both investment vehicles and statutory accounting allows her to model the impact of potential or proposed investment choices on the financial statements of the company. Her professional approach, expertise, and attention to detail have aided her in the oversight of Parkway’s client reporting department. In addition to oversight of the department, Mrs. Davidson works directly with insurance clients in many areas related to the comprehensive consulting services of Parkway. She is a member of the North American Securities Valuation Association (NASVA) and attends regulatory meetings. She is extremely knowledgeable of NAIC and state insurance regulations and has a dedicated educational approach when working with her team. She is also a Registered Investment Advisory Representative and able to serve Parkway and clients in many areas when needed.