Theron R. Holladay, Sr.

Mr. Holladay has been with Parkway Advisors since its inception and has over 20 years of insurance investment and accounting experience. His background includes extensive insurance portfolio modeling experience aimed at reducing risk by lowering future surplus volatility. With an in-depth understanding of statutory accounting, he is focused on how each investment transaction enhances the net investment income and adds to the surplus of the client. Of equal importance is his vision that each portfolio is unique and designed to provide for the specific insurance products that are sold by that client.

Prior to joining Parkway, Mr. Holladay was the Portfolio Manager for an insurance company. He has served on a national committee for insurance accounting software development and as a beta tester for new industry statutory accounting software. The core of his experience is centered on understanding insurance liabilities and how they relate to the assets of the insurer. He has worked closely with top actuaries in the industry and is experienced with some of the industry’s top actuarial software programs. Mr. Holladay has specific experience in structured finance, cash flow sensitivity testing, and credit analysis. His passion and focus is incorporating all aspects of an insurance company’s specific needs, products, and objectives in order to optimize the investment portfolio. Mr. Holladay holds the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation and has a degree in Finance/Psychology. His extensive knowledge is well respected within the industry and he is dedicated to staying informed of the changing regulations within the insurance industry. His focus for Parkway is centered on service to the insurance industry by integrating biblical principles throughout the organization.